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Strive House’s mission is to counsel and protect high risk juveniles from potentially abusive environments, destructive behavior, or family instability. Our dedicated staff seek to inspire young girls to rise above their present situation. Strive House provides a home in which to build confidence and self-esteem, through individualized support and understanding in a stable, secure and peaceful environment designed for troubled youth. 

Strive House has adopted the principles and practices of Trauma Informed Care as an organizational structure and treatment framework that involves understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma. Trauma Informed Care also emphasizes physical, psychological and emotional safety for both consumers and providers, and helps survivors rebuild a sense of control and empowerment. 

Strive House offers the girls the tools and resources to be able to become productive members of society and assist each of them to reach their fullest potential through knowledge acquisition and hands on experiences. Computers are available for the girls to use for uses such as homework and job searched.  Strive House’s goal is to make sure all youth leave with a sense of understanding of who they are and are better equipped to handle life.  

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Strive House provides a warm, welcoming and safe group home setting for girls between the ages of 10 thru 21 years of age. Residential services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. All meals, snacks and housing are provided. There are no costs to the girls or their families as funding is provided by the State of Ohio and its county agencies. Referrals primarily come from the same county agencies. 

Strive House focuses on supporting each girl in discovering her strengths and abilities, building on these to achieve their fullest potential. Strive House caring staff provide day to day care and support. Expert professionals are contracted to deliver specialty services focused on improving behavioral health and other clinical needs of each girl.   

Programming includes weekly sessions in groups and/or individually.  The focus of the program includes the development of life skills, self-care, behavior management techniques, job skills, resiliency and social skills and other relevant skills to optimize independence and obtain the greatness for which each girl is destined. Activities include problem solving skills that will help determine risk factors the girls face teaching them tools to make better or “right” decisions. House meetings are held weekly to discuss and share information.  

Families are invited to participate in programming, as permitted. When applicable, family therapy sessions may be offered to help parent and child communicate more effectively, and to get a better understanding of each other. An open-door policy is promoted for input and constant communication for all stakeholders relevant to each girl’s program.  Strategies and tools will be shared to enable parents and children bridge communication barriers 

Each girl is provided a weekly allowance. Vacations and outings are arranged and financially supported by the program 

Weekly meetings are held with each girl to discuss their progress, and to hear their input on services they are participating in or would like to have.  Weekly visits with family if permitted by the referring county agency are allowed and arranged. Also, phone contact with the parents is encouraged and monitored if permitted by the county agency. 

Communication with referring agencies is provided regularly and as requested.   

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